"One of the only guys in the world that can really play the traditional stuff right."
-Kim Wilson

"Of the 65 or so great guitar players I’ve had in my band, since the early 60’s, Nathan James is easily the A#1 hands-down stand-out!"
-James Harman

"Nobody else these days plays so many styles so well, be it old time country blues, low down Memphis or Chicago blues, or even uptown string bending blues."
-Rick Holmstrom

Previous events


Thunderbird Sessions Live Recording

Thunderbird Studios , Oceanside

A live recording with Chino Swingslide and special guest Jeff Ross, acoustic playing Gypsy Jazz and Blues the first set, and live with the Rhythm Scratchers the 2nd set! Tickets from Rexrode Productions


Nathan James solo

Pourhouse, Oceanside

triple bill of solo acts including Clinton Davis and Stephen El Rey. I go on 2nd.


'Sweet Little Woman' on HBO!! 10/08 

Nathan has recently had his song "Sweet Little Woman" from the album Carl Sonny Leyland Trio Meets Nathan James and Ben Hernandez" chosen to be on the soundtrack for an episode of Cathouse on HBO.  Supposed to air on Thu Oct 23.